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Process control automation systems target the following tasks:

Our company proposes solutions fully meeting requirements mentioned above.

At the moment we have successful experience of automation of the following plant units and processes:

Workshop Plant Process
Coal handling plant
  • wagon rotators;
  • coal conveyers and transport galleries;
  • coal storages;
  • batchers and mixers;
  • dust fuel plants.
  • coal reception;
  • coal batching and mixing;
  • blend transporting.
Coke making plant    
By-product recovery plant    
Tar handling plant    
  • tar distillation plant;
  • technical naphthalene plant;
  • pitch section.
  • tar distillation;
  • naphthalene recovery;
  • pitch coke fraction recovery;
  • wash oil recovery;
  • tar deslimation.
Pitch coke making plant    
Water treatment and water supply    
  • water supply and sewerage;
  • water cooling;
  • biochemical treatment.