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Coke quenching


After coke pushing into quenching car the coke is transported for quenching, where it is cooled to the temperature about 180-250°C. It is very important to guarantee constant humidity of cooled coke.

Proposed process control automation system provides:

Project examples

Wet coke quenching plant

Dry coke quenching plant


Dry coke quenching assumes blowing of inert gas through the burning coke in closed system. Heated inert gas comes to boiler-utilizer where generates water steam.

Proposed process control automation system improves:

  • quenching chamber process control;
  • boiler-utilizer process control;
  • quenching wagon lift control;
  • coke loading-unloading facility control;
  • auxiliary equipment control.

Project examples

imageGeneral plant view:
imageCoke quenching and steam generation cycle view provides control over main process equipment and facilities (chamber, boiler, blowing device, etc.):
imageQuenching wagon lift and coke loading-unloading facility view provides control over mechanisms of burning coke lifting, loading and unloading of cooled coke into transport conveyer of coke screening facilities.