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Production and technical enterprise "Technica M" Ltd. was founded in 1993. The company is focused on design and commissioning of

  • process control automation systems;
  • hardware and facilities

of coke making and by-product recovering plants.

We have designed and commissioned process control automation systems for

Our company works at coke plants in Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, China, Iran, Turkey, Pakistan, Brazil.

We use most up-to-date hardware and software of world leading manufacturers, such as SIEMENS, Allen-Bradley, LAND, Hewlett-Packard and others.

PJSC "NLMK". Coke plant. Reconstruction of the by-product recovery plant of coke and chemical products with the pooling of coke oven gas streams of coke oven batteries Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6. Automation system. Correction of the detail engineering documentation.

Development of documentation for detail engineering stage of the project "Reconstruction of the quenching unit No.2 of dry quenching unit No.1 in coke plant No.1" at PJSC "AVDEEVSKY COKE AND CHEMICAL PLANT". Automation system".

Project documentation. Construction of two blocks of coke oven battery with coal charge ramming. Basic technical solutions. Information about engineering equipment, of engineering and technical networks, the list of engineering and technical events, the content of technological solutions. Solutions for instrumentation and basic automation level.

Ukraine, 49005, Dnipro
Simferopolskaya 21 str, office 601
P: +380 (56) 713-47-60
F: +380 (56) 713-47-68
CEO: Vadim Gorenbukh
CTO: Mark Gorenbukh