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OJSC "NLMK", Russia Testimonial image

OJSC "NLMK", Russia Testimonial

concerning process control automation system designed by technological company "Technica M" and commissioned to Coke making plant, OJSC "NLMK", Russia "Technica M" has designed and commissioned process control automation system for coke oven batteries No1-2 complex and coke oven battery No6.

Commissioned process control automation systems are distributed systems composed with multi-purpose and specialized computing equipment and distributed data processing units, joined by structured network systems and provide process control automation for coke oven batteries. Commissioned systems provide:

  • continuous and uninterruptible process control in coke making plant;
  • manufacturing control;
  • coke oven battery heating and pushing uniformity considerable improvement;
  • reduction of heat consumption;

Process control systems proved their reliability and effectiveness.

Cheif specialist, OJSC "NLMK", Russia A.S.Minakov