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GIPROKOKS Testimonial

The State institute for Designing Enterprises of Coke Oven and By-Product industry Founded in 1929 year. June 21, 2006

concerning technical activity of technological company "Technica M", Dnipropetrovsk Technological company "Technica M" is design partner of "Giprokoks" institute in designing of process control automation systems for coke making plants of Ukraine and other countries.

"Technica M" has designed, put into operation and commissioned process control automation systems for Coke oven batteries No1, No6 and By-product recovery plants of OJSC “NLMK”, Russia; Coke oven batteries No5, No6 and pitch coke battery of OJSC "SeverStal", Russia, other sites.

At the present time process control automation systems of coke oven battery No10, JSC "Alchevskkoks", coke oven battery No3, dry quenching and by-product recovery plant, OJSC "SeverStal", Russia are under putting into operation. The process control automation systems meet present-day world requirements for process control and are designed on the base of up-to-date microprocessor and computing equipment. Process control automation systems designed by technological company "Technica M" provide smart coke oven battery operation control, increase stability of manufactured coke quality, reduce heat consumption, allow to optimize other operation parameters.

Process Control Automation Chief A.O.Mitryaev